Sunday, March 28, 2010

I blame Facebook.

Yes, one year has gone by since I last posted.

I found it easier to do one-line updates and be social over on that other site.


I will get my blog going again, because FB doesn't have an easy way to save everything you've written.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

TTKism #155

Him: Are you burning something?

Me: Noooooo...

Him: Oh,'s just my computer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Gone, and Not Really Forgotten...'s been 3 months since I've posted!

I blame Facebook. It's too easy to just do one-line updates rather than an entire babbly post, so I've been updating over there and not here. 

And, unfortunately, I've become addicted to several of those damn "social networking" games! I haven't gotten addicted to a game in something like 8 years...and now, I have something like 5 that I play/check in on several times daily. It's actually starting to be a detriment to other areas of my life!

TTK suggested I just play it out, and let the addiction become tedium and then fade out of the games...I don't know if that's going to work, though, because glutting myself on something so I don't want it any more seems to only be effective with food.

Sigh. {click, click, click}

So, short recap of the last 3 months:

Migraines. Lots of them. Depression. Increase in Lamictal, in early March resulted in MUCH fewer migraines, but not much help on the depression...

Christmas was spent in Texas with TTK's relatives...we got back to find our Old Man Cat, Max, was almost completely incontinent, had lost even more weight, and was basically at the end of that road we all walk...
After 2 days of trying to get him to eat, and basically forcing water into him, we made the decision to take him in for the "gentle death."
The date was the first Friday of the new year.
Started the year off with a whimper.

The rest of January and all of February I mainly spent alone in a cold house while TTK worked 10-12 hour days, leaving before dawn and staggering back after dark, then falling into bed. We had The Talk about his workaholic-ness in early March, and things have been so much better--he's making a conscious effort to leave work at 6:30, like the rest of his colleagues. 

At the very end of February, TTK earned the moniker "Pinball Wizard" by swerving to avoid a minivan and basically bouncing his way through the toll chute...he called and said, "I'm OK, but..." and I knew he had been in an accident. After he told me the story, I said, "Well, you're 3 months late!" Since he's totalled a car every 4 years, heh.

Yes, it was totalled. Yes, we got him a new car, which he loves.
The surprise is that we got a "family car" as well! It's a Honda Fit...and it's purple.
And homely, but cute in a weird sort of way.
I now get to tell people I have a purple fit. Heh.

That's pretty much it. Oh, we had a tree fall down, missing everything vital (except a chunk of fence). And I finally found the pattern for the shawl I wanted to make for my mom, and I finished it in time for her birthday!

I'm still moody/depression woman, and insomnia is eating me alive. In fact, last time I slept was yesterday night. I tried to sleep, I really did, but no go.
I expect I'll be brumating for another month or so, and as the weather warms up and the sun stays around longer, I'll be doing better.
I hope.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Old Home Week, a la Facebook

So I've been cruising around the Facebook site, typing in the names from my sordid past (that I can remember) and seeing if they're signed up...
It's all very surreal, since I've fallen out of touch with 90% of, make that 99%...

Now that I've sent out dozens of friend requests, I now have to actually interact and answer messages, and remember to sign on more than once a month. As I've said before, I'm really crappy at this sort of "social networking" sort of thing--both in real life and online.

I keep telling myself that now that we have a house, we can start having friends over, but the reality is between the construction and the unpacked (or partially unpacked) boxes everywhere, there's been no space or time for visiting. I'm trying to purge as I unpack, but it's all so time consuming and overwhelming. I keep having the urge to just cram stuff into storage or the pump house and ignore it for a while....but then I need something that is buried in one of the boxes, and things get dragged back in and strewn about. 

What I need is a wife. Or for TTK to be more involved in other aspects of the house besides HIS room, HIS stuff. There's a LOT of OUR stuff to be dealt with, but it seems that I get to do it all myself. GRRRRRR.

But, he is the "breadwinner" of our little family of two--all of his time is spent at the office in San Francisco--so he is doing his share for keeping us solvent. I just wish it included a bit more physical presence and effort, rather than him being gone all the time.

Yes, my new office position is in the corner of the main room, so I get to "survey my domain" and see all the boxes and the cat tumbleweeds and the of course I am posting about it.

Wheee! [THUD]

My Sister's Wedding

I have not posted about her wedding at all--it was just such an incredible and beautiful and tear-filled experience that I am still processing it emotionally.
My dad actually made it to walk her down the aisle, though it was kinda iffy there for a while--he ended up at the emergency room after the rehearsal Saturday, but insisted on checking out--he said to one of my uncles "If they have to roll me down the aisle in a gurney, I'll be there." 
And indeed he was--but walked. :-)
The look on my sister's face when he hugged her before sitting down made me start crying even though I was NOT going to cry while standing up there as bride's maid of honor (well, one of the brides, anyway!). When it came time for her to say her vows, she could hardly get the words out for the emotion and tears in her voice, and that made me cry even more. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! The emotion, the joy of that day was such a strong current--everyone there was riding so high and there was so much love, it was almost hard to breathe. The night was over waaay too soon. :-)
Magical. It was magical.

And I was SOOO functional and together for the entire week I was down there, that I surprised myself--and collapsed for 4 days the second TTK and I got home. 
I think that if I hadn't had to be the Juggernaut for the house issues--moving, repairing, coordinating, hiring, getting estimates, buying, etc.--I wouldn't have been able to step up for this one. Sort of like Boot Camp...

Another Note to Self...

Read your own damn blog occasionally before posting.
Or just let everyone see how often you repeat yourself.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bitterly Disappointed.

I so cannot go into the whole prop 8 thing...I'm just so damn happy my sister got married before a piddling 2 percent spread could etch discrimination into the California constitution.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Are you Registered?

You know me. You know I NEVER speak about politics, or religion with people, since there's so much hate and vitriol involved with those subjects...BUT I am breaking my own rule here because this is VERY dear to my heart.

My sister's wedding got me to thinking:

She's been in her relationship for as long as I have been with TTK. She has two kids with her partner, even...and yet until now she has not been able to be legally married. UNTIL NOW.
11 YEARS she and Anne have been together, have been in love and as one, and they only just now get to legalize that love and that commitment. WOW. Such an incredibly wonderful thing, I just wanted to cry thinking about it. Instead, I went here (California link) and reregistered to VOTE (since we moved and all)...

I encourage ALL of you to do the same--this is a really important election! There are people who don't consider gay people to be normal or acceptable, and so not allowed to be legally married. This time around, they're going for the state constitution, since what had gotten passed before in the year 2000 (proposition 22) was just an addition to the California Civil Code, and was overruled by a 2005 bill that passed the California Legislature, A.B. 849. Schwarzenegger promptly vetoed A.B. 849. (shot down, thanks Arnie.)

People sued against the fairness of 22, and the apellate court overturned 22 as unconstitutional. So, the latest proposition, proposition 8, is directly aimed at changing the constitution. Do you know what a bad thing that is? I can't even begin to explain, with my limited political terminology and rusty skills, how big of a deal it is to actually change the constitution.

Think of the constitution as the foundation of the house, and all the statutes and codes as walls and paint and surface changes--that later voters can adjust according to the times. But the constitution is the FOUNDATION--none of the surface stuff that gets passed can CHANGE that foundation. Amendments alter the foundation. There's such a far-reaching impact of amendments, that any proposition that is going for the foundation of the country/state/organization/government needs to be scrutinized to a much higher degree.

Usually I cast a dubious eye on anything in wikipedia, since I have found so many mistakes, erroneous facts, and outright lies and bias that I check other, more reputable sources before turning to wikipedia...but, in this case, there's actually a well-written, extensively annotated and researched article about this current issue, so if you want to know what's going on beyond the fear tactics and misleading statements in the political ads for this, go check out these pages, and take your research out from there.

So that's my foray into politics.
And it is motivated by love, not fear or superiority or distrust or any of the things I see as the basis of prop. 8.


I love my sister, even if she is making me wear brown for her wedding. ;-)
(it's CALLED chocolate, but that's just a tasty attempt to confuse me. See, I know she's allergic to chocolate, so it's really just a dark brown. I'd believe it more if she'd said her wedding color was espresso. Heh--Espresso, Cream, Persimmon, and Moss. Except for the moss, it sounds like a new fall beverage at Starbucks. Heh. Just a little humor for those of you who made it to the end of my political rhetoric.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

just testing the photo capabilities of Picasa or whatever Google is doing now...

We're Reformed

We've changed, all you doubters: We're going to bed by 11 p.m.!
Of course, I don't fall asleep until about 4 a.m., but TTK crashes out, then gets up at 6 a.m. in order to get through the traffic on 101 (construction, of course, has lengthened his commute to 2 1/2 hours) and is off to work...
Meanwhile, construction starts here at 7:30 a.m., which makes me rather glad I am deaf on one side, and wear an earplug on the other.

I've never shopped so much in my entire life--pick out paint colors, a tub, tile, get a sink, choose the color of the faucets, how about a ceiling light, and what about outlets: do you want white ones, or beige, or even grey or almond? Now let's talk about baseboards--there's 4 different types in the house--do you want them all the same, since the baseboards in ttk's room have to be changed? And what about flooring to replace the Astro Turf in TTK's room? Closet doors? What kind of shelving do you want? How about floodlights? And you need a bathroom fan. And a countertop: there's cultured marble, granite, concrete, compressed recycled paper, tile, and of course Formica and Corian. Your vanity in the bathroom is a non-standard size, so whatever you get will need to be cut to fit. Do you want those shelves painted, or bare wood? If you want them painted, I should pick up the primed wood; but you should paint them if I get the primed wood. Oh, and the sump pump has been jury-rigged and doesn't really work, and the drain pipe just ends about 10 feet into the yard, under the rosebushes. 


I'm now off to Lowe's to buy a shower/tub thingy, and some welded wire, and a closet rod. And 3 light fixtures, and a bathroom fan. And probably something else I'm forgetting, which Alan will no doubt remind me of when I get back. First I am going to go eat, though--we still haven't really found the kitchen under all the boxes.
Oh shit--I have to unload the crap ttk left in the back of my truck. Sigh.