Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sleep well, sweet broken kitty.

She was fine when I left this morning.
She was already in rigor when I got home, 6 hours later.

Poor sweet little thing, she just never got a chance.
She had just turned two in July.

We had just decided that this would be our first night in the new house.

We'll bury her under the trellis rose there.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!

You know how occasionally you have a one-night-stand that doesn't know when to LEAVE the next morning?

On this date 12 years ago, TTK came over to give me a backrub...ended up staying all night...and at some point we had sex, then talked about it and both decided we weren't into casual sex and wanted a relationship.

So basically, he was the one-night-stand that didn't leave. Heh.

Our other version is that I saw him online, decided I liked him, and stalked him for six months...clubbed him in the head and dragged him back to my lair.
Or I stalked him, but got tired so declared celibacy from all relationships...then a week later when I was on ICB I announced I would "kill or die for a backrub." Seconds later a private message came, from TTK, "I'll give you one!"

I panicked, said "how about tomorrow?" 
he came over the next night, and once again never left.
I proposed for months, at random moments, and one day (at a random moment!) he said, "Yes, I'll marry you."

The rest I'll tell you later, but I'll leave you with this...

He's been packing his things very randomly. 
Last night we discovered that he packed the condoms.

As our searching got more frantic, realization dawned in TTK that they were in a box we had just taken to the new place...he shamefacedly and slowly told me...and I started cracking up.
talk about a buzzkill!
Ah, to be an inept teenager again...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Note to self...

check spelling before publishing post.

Wow--the shed is DOWN...

So I got tired of waiting for ttk to line up some guys to carry all the shit from the backyard to the dump/recycletown/new house, and a few weeks ago my contractor's second-in-command gave me his business card, because he does work on the side when not working for Alan.
Well, I spoke to him last week and asked if he could round up a couple of guys for some heavy lifting, and he did. And boy, did they ever lift-haul-demolish! They came Monday, as did ttk's mom, and between the 4 of us we got 80% of the shed done, and a huge amount of stuff purged--and they completely kicked my ass.
I was so sore and tired the next day that even though ttk's mom was here (overnighted in a local hotel) we didn't get anything else packed...instead, we went to a tile store and shopped for bathroom tile. :-)
That woman is incredible--on this one ttk did NOT inherit her manic energy...or maybe he did, and the meds suppress that energy.
Today the guys came again, and the rest of the crap from the shed (and I mean crap--the rats have had a field day in that shed, nesting and breeding and crapping and trashing) has been dragged off, and the shed itself (a carport thing from costco) has been dismantled!
They even took down the crappy awning ttk and I slapped together, and pulled all the pallets from every part of the yard and stacked it in one spot--my contractor is going to come by tomorrow and drag all the wood off and take it to a wood recycler (yay!).
Once again I am exhausted...I thought today was Friday, and not I get to go run all my errands tomorrow, if I survive.
I must say, here, bluntly, no hesitation, that I HATE MOVING!
I'm loving the thought of NEVER having to do this again, though. Less than a month. Less than a month to get out of here. 
The next big nasty hairball we have to deal with is the chickens, and my plants. I don't know how to get my half-barrel planters out of here--do I dig out all of my plants, and the dirt, and move the barrels, or do I try to move the barrels with dirt, or do I just give up on my plants in despair and let go.
Letting go is important--it's a matter of WHAT to let go of--we've been holding onto A LOT of this stuff in anticipation of a house, so some of it seems silly to turn around and get rid of it just before we move. A huge chunk of this stuff is just being dragged over to the driveway of the new place, and there we'll hose off, clean up, sort, purge. 
Tomorrow I am getting a desk...then we'll move my desk I *think* ...
my biggest problem is being torn between two houses, and where I am going to be sleeping and working...ugh. I just hope nothing gets ruined in this move...but something always does, so instead I should hope that nothing IMPORTANT gets ruined.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Paperwork and more paperwork...

"Introduction to Advance Health Care Directives"
"Remicade Rebate Plans"

...not to mention all the other little projects sitting around here...

Friday, September 5, 2008

I survived...

Well, I survived the camera-in-unpleasant-places on to house news!

The main room is FINISHED and I scooted couches around for a half hour, and arranged other furniture as well. Our dinner table is built, I put together a bench and a chair, I have an idea about a desk, and I finally found a bathroom wall color.
The pest inspector came by as well, and my tuffshed-cum-chicken hut is installed. I found paint colors for the outside of the house, (consequent to ttk's agreement), finally lit upon a BATHTUB, and possibly found a paint color for the master bedroom. 
Moving right along!

Speaking of moving, our goal this weekend is to move all the crap from the shed at the old place--after we sort it, clean it (LAYERS of dust!) and purge--to the new place. Pretty lofty, but it needs to be done.
TTK still has not called any haulers or helpers, though that was his assignment 2 weeks ago...
In other news, I am hot, crabby, and shopping waaay too much on Ebay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here goes...

I just keep pretending I am on Fear Factor...


Today was yet another infusion of Remicade. It's working well, except the last 3 days I've had some breakthrough symptoms, so we're moving me to a 7 week cycle rather than 8-9 as we have been doing. My weight is up to 165, unfortunately. It just keeps creeping. I figured that I've been so busy here that I wouldn't gain weight, but no, I seem to have found time to new resolution is NO MORE GUMMY BEARS!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be even more lovely than sitting in a chair for 3 hours with a needle in my vein: tomorrow is colonoscopy prep day. instead of sitting, I'll be s*itting...

Thursday is the easy day--I'll be all sedated for the colonoscopy itself, so that's the easy part. I can't tell you how nice it is now that all the baby boomers are hitting old age and having to get colonoscopies done--that means the techniques have improved greatly--my first few colonoscopies were WITHOUT anaesthesia...INCREDIBLY unpleasant, to say the least. Nothing like laying on a table while some guy shoves a camera up your ass...and up and up and up and *gurgle* ...
and then getting to watch it on the monitor...and seeing the little biopsy-bite-of-flesh-ripper come out and CHOMP a chunk of your intestine...

Oh, and the well broke yesterday.
Finally found someone who could come out this afternoon, and he was great! A good 'ole country boy, who had the well fixed before ttk and I could even get there. and it didn't cost us a fortune! About $129 bucks, actually. The worst part of the experience was not being able to have the guys work on the house today or yesterday, so everything is scooched back by 2 more days. Sigh.

On a somewhat amusing note, I seem to befuddle the remedial spell-checker that blogger uses--it doesn't like any of the medical words that I use with regularity. And it hates TTK's name. Heh.