Sunday, May 27, 2007


strange note: TTK is sitting next to me, programming, and I heard him mutter "short testicle zero."
I asked him WHAT he just said, and he looked at me from waaaay back in his brain as he tried to come back to humanland and translate what I said...then he answered "short test equals zero."
I started cracking up and told him to mutter it, very fast...he did, bemused, and shook his head like "what?" so I told him what I thought I had heard...heh.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Hate This.

Okay, I hate this.
Side effects? I don't know.
But, I'm dizzy. REALLY dizzy, and when I stand up or bend over I feel like I am going to pass out. This is not just today, either--it's happened several times in the past few weeks.
Another thing is my hands are shaking. You know when you've had so much caffeine that you can berely type?
THAT kind of hand shaking, although add a complete lack of hand strength in there as well.
I don't like this!
I keep hitting the F keys on the top of my keyboard by mistake, and Apple has them all mapped to some really weird behaviours, like all the windows retreat off the edges of the screen, including the active window, so all of a sudden you're staring at your desktop picture. Then I have to figure out which one I hit and hit it again, to revert.
Another side effect which is just *delightful* is I've been having night sweats. Serious, soaked to the skin wake up freezing night sweats. ICK!
I've also taken to sleeping on the couch because ttk's cat Needles, the old decrepit thing, has developed this new technique of cruising the bed, in order to avoid Fancy. (she's blind as a bat, and if she gets too close to Fancy Fancy will explode from under the covers in a loud high-pitched yapping lunge, to keep from getting stepped on.) So now Needles makes her way from the foot of the bed along the very edge, my edge, and then proceeds to walk across my face, throat, or forehead, to get to ttk. She then walks across HIS face to get to his chest. Mind you, she's doing this 4-5 times a night as she's gotten really restless in her ancientness. And every time she wakes me up, often when I've barely gotten to sleep (another side effect is I've been unable to sleep for more than 3 hours--I finally took a Klonopin last night and actually SLEPT for 9 hours!)

Other news: Fancy found a loose board on the back fence and was busily trying to pry it up so she could get into the neighbor's yard and die. Can you say "little brain?" When ttk got home yesterday evening, we walked the fence line and boarded up any holes or loose spots we could find.

We have a bunch of shares or MPWR stock, which we've been trying to get AWAY from Merrill Lynch and to our new brokerage (cf 2 posts ago) so we could sell finally made it over Monday, so we sold a huge chunk at $14 a share...then Tuesday it shot up to $18 a share. Of course!
No use counting chickens and all that, but I was still pretty irritated with our crappy timing. Since I'm pretty much irritated at everything right now, that's not saying much, but still it would have been nice to have that extra $4 a share...

More later--I seem to have gotten back into the desire to post...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update. Tme for An Update.

Okay, I've been remiss in posting...the main reason I keep this is so I can remember what happened a year ago in my life--my brain is that bad. So, every once in a while I have to do one of these "summary" posts...

•Health: I am now on oral steroids as of yesterday--My current condition is acute Ulcerative Colitis in my descending colon--8 inches. My doctor was hesitant since I have had a psychotic break from steroids in the past, but it's either steroids or Remicaide. I begged for steroids...first he would only give me the dreaded E-word type (with the non-oral method of entry...) but I've been on those for 4 weeks now with no improvement. In fact, i would say that the pain level has INCREASED.
So now, with the orals, we're watching my mental condition carefully so if I start into psychosis, we can taper me off and get me help. I've only had a few reactions to the e-steroids: inability to sleep and some tension. TTK is a little gunshy and is checking me constantly to see if I am going's a *bit* irritating, but nothing I can't handle.

I'm still pretty much housebound, as well--if I'm not on pain medication, I'm too incapacitated to drive, and if I am on pain medication, I'm too incapacitated to drive. Plus, the thought of dealing with public bathrooms while I'm in this condition TERRIFIES and HORRIFIES me.

•School: I've dropped all of my classes, for obvious reasons. I hope to pick back up next fall.

•Home: About 3 weeks ago, we met with a realtor. And a loan agent. We're hopeful, but until I can get out of the house reliably, we haven't looked at any houses. We're pretty hopeful we will find something we can afford. WHEN is the question, of course.

•Other; I'm sure there's other categories I should be updating on, but I figure I'll just amend this post when my brain kicks out another thought.

We were planning on coming down to SoCal for Anson's bday, but my system just isn't going to let me go anywhere yet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007



We have been trying to close our accounts there since February and since there's a big chunk of stock there, they are not being responsive or cooperative at all!
THe latest reason they are refusing to transfer it is that there is an annual account fee...that just appeared in April.

I called them today---they wouldn't even honor the requests of our new accounts firm, so I had to call them, AGAIN.
I started out nicely, but as more and more refusals piled up, I lost my temper...while I didn't exactly yell, I got very unpleasant. I told them "I am no longer being nice--I've tried this for 3 months by being nice, and now I am pissed."

At one point, she put me on hold, to "check if the fee could be waived." When she got back, she said it couldn't be removed.
That's when I lost my shit. I started ranting, and said "I WANT MY MONEY OUT OF YOUR HANDS NOW. Am I going to have to file a lawsuit to get you to let go of my money?"

She got very calm and said she needed to speak to her supervisor Amin and she would have him call me back.
I said WHEN. She said, as soon as he's off the phone.

so now I am sitting here, brooding, pissed, furious, tense, and hungry.


Poor little Naly (the hapless woman who answered the phone and made the mistake of saying "She's on the phone right now. Is there something I can help you with?" when I asked for Michelle) did NOT call me back. Nor did the supervisor.

Instead, Michelle called me, all professional...

The 65 debit is erased.
The MPWR is being transferred.
The account will be closed within the week.

And all I had to do was be an utter ***** and ask if I had to initiate a lawsuit to get my money out of their hands, and tell him that the account fee was ridiculous since we have been trying to get our account moved for 3 months now.

Steroids are good for something, eh?

Frankly, I hate this agro bullshit. It's nice to know, though, that I can channel my dad when I need to.