Friday, November 14, 2008

Old Home Week, a la Facebook

So I've been cruising around the Facebook site, typing in the names from my sordid past (that I can remember) and seeing if they're signed up...
It's all very surreal, since I've fallen out of touch with 90% of, make that 99%...

Now that I've sent out dozens of friend requests, I now have to actually interact and answer messages, and remember to sign on more than once a month. As I've said before, I'm really crappy at this sort of "social networking" sort of thing--both in real life and online.

I keep telling myself that now that we have a house, we can start having friends over, but the reality is between the construction and the unpacked (or partially unpacked) boxes everywhere, there's been no space or time for visiting. I'm trying to purge as I unpack, but it's all so time consuming and overwhelming. I keep having the urge to just cram stuff into storage or the pump house and ignore it for a while....but then I need something that is buried in one of the boxes, and things get dragged back in and strewn about. 

What I need is a wife. Or for TTK to be more involved in other aspects of the house besides HIS room, HIS stuff. There's a LOT of OUR stuff to be dealt with, but it seems that I get to do it all myself. GRRRRRR.

But, he is the "breadwinner" of our little family of two--all of his time is spent at the office in San Francisco--so he is doing his share for keeping us solvent. I just wish it included a bit more physical presence and effort, rather than him being gone all the time.

Yes, my new office position is in the corner of the main room, so I get to "survey my domain" and see all the boxes and the cat tumbleweeds and the of course I am posting about it.

Wheee! [THUD]

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Anonymous said...

I miss this site.. Its cool.. Facebook is nice,,but its no blog...Oh yeah, when I am better I want to have a facebook party.. and anyone who cant come face to face can be near thier computer and we can send pics and notes... it would be a blast. Tons of Johns old friends are doing it. Weird.