Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leaving, on a Jet Plane...

Well, we leave for Texas in 3 days. Yep, we fly out Christmas morning, for 5 days.

I had more to say but I'm being assailed by one hell of a migraine which started out mild but is really amping up...the brightness of the screen is starting to hurt. Life sucks sometimes...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Interlude 449, plus Sam Thoughts.

Him (calling from the bedroom): This is NOT a cat.

Me: What?

Him. Sam is NOT a cat. He is a BEAR.

Me: ... ?

Him: I was making the bed and I went to move him, and he whacked me. Hard.
He hit me in the side! It HURT. It STILL hurts! This is not a cat!

heh. I weighed Sam last week--he weighs 16 pounds. Mind you, this is not a laze about obese cat--he is solid muscle, and brings home gophers the size of squirrels. I think he brought in that damn spider last week...

When we moved in here, we closed all the doors and wouldn't let the cats out so they would decide that this was now home--I had read that somewhere, and it worked every other time we moved, but this was the first time we moved with Sam, and I guess he didn't read that article. The first thing he did when we opened a SCREENED window was wait until neither of us was watching, and proceeded to CLAW his way through the screen because he wanted OUTSIDE, dammit.
5 years later and the screen is still in shreds, since it became the "cat door" and replacing it would have meant he would have something else to tear open.
Unfortunately, said cat door is actually our bedroom window, right at the head of our bed, (of course, I'm the light sleeper--notice the timestamp on this post?) which makes my side of the bed Cat Highway.
I actually bought a cheesy 3 tier plant stand from Pic 'N' Save and set it up outside our window, screwing it into the wall, so the cats wouldn't be thumping and scrabbling in their travels. Last week we bought two doormats to go on said plant stand to try to control the amount of mud that gets tracked all over my pillow and side of the bed during the rainy season (read: NOW).
It's not working, but I'm pretending it is.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I keep trying to remember various things, and I've realized that I mark most of my life as either BT or AT...Before Tumor and After Tumor. TTK and I keep forgetting when we married, so I've decided to write a timeline of events. Not all of them, mind you, just AT...

January: Insurance kicks in: Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.
April 10: Diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma (now called Unilateral Schwanoma)
April 2?: Surgery
May 20: My birthday, and back into the hospital for Steroid Psychosis
July: Record heat wave in Chicago--500 people die, and I almost joined them.
October: Moved to Santa Cruz with Evil E.

January-ish; Broke up with E. Moved out.
July-ish: Moved into McMillan House.

(somewhere in here I met TTK online, then in person, and got interested in him...)
August: Flew to Chicago for a visit.
September 5: Declared celibacy.
September 12: TTK offered via /m a back massage. I postponed until the next day.
September 13: We start our relationship. Monogamous.
October: TTK moves into McMillan House.
December-ish: After months of proposing to him, he finally said yes! Heh.


We plan for wedding in November. November cruises by.

May: I announce, frustrated with trying to plan a wedding, that we were getting married in June, damn it.
June 27: We marry. Me, him, Sara Homan as our Officiant, my sister as my maid of honor and his best friend as his man of honor. Party of five, in the middle of a field. :-)

Moved to Seattle (Burien). I hate it.

October: Moved to Cotati.

March 1: moved to Sebastopol (Hessel area.)

December: Doctor took me off celexa, put me on Wellbutrin which sent me loony.

January: Partial Hospitalization Program for insane me.
February: Flareup started (and is still going.)
May: Finally decide to see the UC specialist. Made it down for my nephew's 2nd birthday.
August: Got to witness the birth of my neice. Wow is all I can say.

Somewhere in here TTK decided to contact his parents, so I got to meet my MIL and FIL (and SIL) for the first time (after 7 years of marriage.)
May: Said new in-laws gift us with some stock (none of your business how much). Woo hoo! And eeeee!
I head to L.A. for neph's b-day party, and I take frogs to show (party is frog themed!).
August: I start school.
September: Ginsu appeared on our doorstep.
December: Dr. M declares me "in remission" but says I have residual irritable bowel. (HA!!)
December 25th: We fly to Texas to meet TTK's grandmas. Weird but fun trip.

Cramping and blood get worse despite being "in remission." I decide to get a second opinion. Which meant another colonoscopy, whee.
Almost completely homebound now. Had to drop all of my classes. Weight loss is getting noticeable. I get a blood test check and my iron levels are 34 (normal is 35). No biggie, right? Keep reading...
I go on steroid enemas. These are evil and painful.
I go on oral steroids (Budosenide). Evil stuff. I start having extreme dizziness when I stand, that I attribute to the steroids (but, oh, was I wrong!)
1st: momma has a stroke. (okay, TIA, but it's still serious).
Dizzy and sort of breath all of the time now. Hands are shaky.
More of the same. Down to 155 pounds. (was 190 at the start of the year.) Somewhere in here I decided to take up crochet hook again.
8th: Needles died.
16: Woke this morning by TTK...he found Atlantis dead in the cage. Was expecting it, since he was so depressed about Fizzbinn, but it was still a shock.
16: Down to 151 pounds. Finally approved for Remicade! Decided to taper myself off of the evil steroids, since none of my doctors wanted to, and they were making me insane.
22: First Remicade transfusion. Whee.

5th: Second infusion. Feeling better every day.
13 11 year anniversary today.
28 Tasha died. :-(

Finally off the steroids.
3: Infusion of Remicade. Up to 155 pounds. Still incredibly dizzy and shaky, though.

I make an app with my regular dr, and ask for a blood test (last one was in March!)
Hemo score is at 23, when normal is 35. Dr is freaked, puts me on megadoses (3X daily) of iron so we won't have to transfuse me. THIS explains the dizziness, weakness, short of breath-ness, and shakiness! ARRRRGH!

November 28: My 3rd infusion of Remicade. I've gained 10 pounds (now at 160), and dizziness is gone. I think we can safely say I am in remission for real.

I need another blood test, but it's kinda fallen back in my schedule of TO DO's, since there's so much other stuff I need to get caught up on.

Okay, so the later years are not filled out much, but that's because it's always hard to separate the significant events when you're still close to them. I'm sure I'll be adding more.

Interlude 447

"Don't kick over that funnel next to you..." (he gestures towards the kitchen floor) "there's a Jerusalem Cricket under it."