Friday, November 14, 2008

My Sister's Wedding

I have not posted about her wedding at all--it was just such an incredible and beautiful and tear-filled experience that I am still processing it emotionally.
My dad actually made it to walk her down the aisle, though it was kinda iffy there for a while--he ended up at the emergency room after the rehearsal Saturday, but insisted on checking out--he said to one of my uncles "If they have to roll me down the aisle in a gurney, I'll be there." 
And indeed he was--but walked. :-)
The look on my sister's face when he hugged her before sitting down made me start crying even though I was NOT going to cry while standing up there as bride's maid of honor (well, one of the brides, anyway!). When it came time for her to say her vows, she could hardly get the words out for the emotion and tears in her voice, and that made me cry even more. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! The emotion, the joy of that day was such a strong current--everyone there was riding so high and there was so much love, it was almost hard to breathe. The night was over waaay too soon. :-)
Magical. It was magical.

And I was SOOO functional and together for the entire week I was down there, that I surprised myself--and collapsed for 4 days the second TTK and I got home. 
I think that if I hadn't had to be the Juggernaut for the house issues--moving, repairing, coordinating, hiring, getting estimates, buying, etc.--I wouldn't have been able to step up for this one. Sort of like Boot Camp...

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