Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fun, but not Scary

Heh. We've been spending our holiday down in L.A. with family...
the first few days at my mom's house, and then yesterday and today at my sister's, with her partner and their two little kidlets.
After just an hour with these two little creative, energetic critters, I was exhausted yesterday!
Today, they created their own game called "fun, but not scary" which involved hanging over my sister's leg, and then sliding off headfirst onto the floor, cackling madly the whole time. :-)
We had french toast and syrup for breakfast, and sis said, "They're working off that litte sugar rush." and sure enough, 20 minutes later both have melted into sippy-cup-and-laying-down mode.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay, so now that I've announced that I am going to just use this blog for everything, I am once again wondering if that's a good idea--I mean, if you're cruising for crafts, are you really going to want to read all my intimate and nasty little life and health details? And if you know me and are wondering about the latest, are YOU really going to want to read about all of my little creative projects?
I don't want to scare the crafters, while disillusioning the geeks and weirdos (heh!)...and y'all know who you are.

So I think what I'll do is this: I'll do a full-on overhaul of my craft blog, get all the links satisfactory and all the bells and whistles, THEN I will re-open it "to the public." In the meantime, I'll just post creative stuff here, and scare whoever with whatever.

Sounds like a plan, man!

So here's a craft update: I'm taking pictures of my finished projects, organizing my patterns and stash, and planning new projects. It's kind of surreal--our place is so small that the only nice area to take pictures in is the bedroom, by making the bed and putting up a I have my camera set up on the tripod next to the bed. We're not filming porn, really!

A health update: I just went to the gastroenterologist guy...since the Remicaide is suppressing my UC so well, he thinks it would be a not-so-good (as opposed to COMPLETELY bad) idea to start the immunosuppressant therapy as well, so no Imuran for me. I'm actually quite relieved about that, because there's a serious side effect of the two drugs when taken co-comittantly--there's an extreme chance of developing lymphoma. Uh, no thank you!

So, gut is almost completely under control--I still can't eat normally (no salad, no beef, no raw vegetables, easy on the fiber and fried foods, etc) for at least 6 months (according to my dr) but I have gotten to expand my variety, and I can actually eat without the panic or fear. Or PAIN.

Family update: My dad went into the hospital with acute pancreatitis, my sister is having a severe endocrine problem that none of the doctors can figure out or fix, my MIL broke her foot, my FIL had hernia surgery...basically, I get better and everyone around me falls apart. TTK is not physically ill, thank goodness, but he's having some issues mentally because of all of the strain of caring for me and the household and keeping down a full-time plus plus job.
We're leaving to go to L.A. in 2 days, and trying desperately to batten down the hatches and basically make the place seaworthy (to carry the metaphor waaay past its usefulness!) so the petsitter will survive intact...

Well, that's enough for now--I have to go clean something. Heh.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay, I was trying to keep a separate blog for my craft stuff/creative side, but I've decided to just merge them. It's easier than trying to update/keep nice looking two different blogs at the same time. I tend to tinker with the template code, and if I figure out a new function, it's a pain to add to both templates.
On another note, I just got my invitation to, as a Beta it got me up off of my butt and got me to take some pics of my projects (well, some of them, anyway), get the pics converted to smaller more manageable images, and open a Flickr account to upload them, and actually upload them! Go here to see what measly bit I've done so far. Heh.

All this stash organizing and book-listing, project exploring, and reading has me wanting to start MORE projects!
Woo! Off to amigurumi!

Okay, THAT was Funny...

Y'all know how I hate the phone, yes?
Well, I finally got up the gumption to face the first of a hlaf-dozen calls I need to make...
I decided to call my friend Al first, since I really need to get the whole pet-sitter thing figured out before TTK and I go off to L.A. ...
Al is quite a joker, and likes to mess around with people's minds by making dirty jokes, so when I called him, and he answered, I said "Hi! You got a minute?"
When he replied, "Who is this?"
I said, "it's me, H----."
So of course, my instant reaction was to say "You've forgotten me already? But it was just last night!"

There was this dead pause, for about three heartbeats..
then, "Who are you trying to call?"
"Uhhhh, Al?"
Another pause. "No, you've got the wrong number. But we can still get together if you want to!"
Mad guffawing from both sides of this conversation ensued, and I could even hear someone else in the background cracking up...

I answered, after I got my breath back, "Uh, NO. I think I'll try dialing the RIGHT number this time."
Still chuckling, he said "I'd remember you if it was just last night..."


So much for getting up the nerve to use the telephone... I'm still grinning about this, as I type.

I think I will check his number and REMOVE the one that's written on the side of my monitor...