Tuesday, July 10, 2007


He brought me flowers!!!!

Real, live, flowers!

Without having to be prompted, even!

Long-stemmed purple tulips. :-)

I didn't even know that tulips grew so long!

Funny thing was trying to find a vase--we've purged so much that the only thing I could find was a latching jar that had popping corn in it.

As I was arranging the flowers in the jar, TTK came in and said, "huh, I would have thought you would use something from your glass jar collection," and pointed upward.


So now they are beautifully arranged in my vintage Chemex coffeepot. :-)

eeeeee! He brought me flowers!!!

If I could have sex, he would so not be able to walk today...l

Monday, July 9, 2007


Just got one of my molars ground down and prepared for a crown.
Have I mentioned I hate tooth issues?
The procedure was horrible--I can't breathe through my nose when my mouth is open, so I had to hold my breath, wave a hand and gasp for air, then hold my breath again, for an hour and a half.
Not fun.