Monday, January 8, 2007

Interlude #190


me: So much for your "one cheek sneak"...

him: No, I wasn't even trying for the "one cheek sneak"--that was more of a "two-ball burble."

me: AAAA [buries face in shirt]

him: I made you lose your shit!

me: Just don't lose yours!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

woo! Baby kingsnakes...

I just peeked in the incubator to see a little black string go sliding under the container full of kingsnake eggs...yay!

A baby mexican black kingsnake just hatched! A second egg is pipped and the baby inside is resting and absorbing his yolk.
Weird thing is, two eggs had hatched fully, but I only found one baby--and it wasn't all fat and full as if it had eaten the other one, either.
Theories abound: perhaps it got out through one of the vent holes in the incubator's underside.
Perhaps I didn't get hte lid on fully last I checked the eggs, and it crawled out.

Finding the little bugger will not be fun--that room is too full of hiding places that would fit something that can curl up as small as the chunk of silly putty that comes in that little plastic egg...

update: The pipped one finally decided it was time to greet the world...