Friday, September 5, 2008

I survived...

Well, I survived the camera-in-unpleasant-places on to house news!

The main room is FINISHED and I scooted couches around for a half hour, and arranged other furniture as well. Our dinner table is built, I put together a bench and a chair, I have an idea about a desk, and I finally found a bathroom wall color.
The pest inspector came by as well, and my tuffshed-cum-chicken hut is installed. I found paint colors for the outside of the house, (consequent to ttk's agreement), finally lit upon a BATHTUB, and possibly found a paint color for the master bedroom. 
Moving right along!

Speaking of moving, our goal this weekend is to move all the crap from the shed at the old place--after we sort it, clean it (LAYERS of dust!) and purge--to the new place. Pretty lofty, but it needs to be done.
TTK still has not called any haulers or helpers, though that was his assignment 2 weeks ago...
In other news, I am hot, crabby, and shopping waaay too much on Ebay.

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