Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today was yet another infusion of Remicade. It's working well, except the last 3 days I've had some breakthrough symptoms, so we're moving me to a 7 week cycle rather than 8-9 as we have been doing. My weight is up to 165, unfortunately. It just keeps creeping. I figured that I've been so busy here that I wouldn't gain weight, but no, I seem to have found time to new resolution is NO MORE GUMMY BEARS!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be even more lovely than sitting in a chair for 3 hours with a needle in my vein: tomorrow is colonoscopy prep day. instead of sitting, I'll be s*itting...

Thursday is the easy day--I'll be all sedated for the colonoscopy itself, so that's the easy part. I can't tell you how nice it is now that all the baby boomers are hitting old age and having to get colonoscopies done--that means the techniques have improved greatly--my first few colonoscopies were WITHOUT anaesthesia...INCREDIBLY unpleasant, to say the least. Nothing like laying on a table while some guy shoves a camera up your ass...and up and up and up and *gurgle* ...
and then getting to watch it on the monitor...and seeing the little biopsy-bite-of-flesh-ripper come out and CHOMP a chunk of your intestine...

Oh, and the well broke yesterday.
Finally found someone who could come out this afternoon, and he was great! A good 'ole country boy, who had the well fixed before ttk and I could even get there. and it didn't cost us a fortune! About $129 bucks, actually. The worst part of the experience was not being able to have the guys work on the house today or yesterday, so everything is scooched back by 2 more days. Sigh.

On a somewhat amusing note, I seem to befuddle the remedial spell-checker that blogger uses--it doesn't like any of the medical words that I use with regularity. And it hates TTK's name. Heh.

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