Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm sitting here at ttk's work...I have a drs appointment with Dr. Mahadevan, my IBD specialist.
He's been introducing me to people here at his work, and they all say, "oh, you're cobalt." or "I love your chickens..." or "your pictures are great..." Hey! What are all these people doing knowing me? I commented to ttk that he's told them all about me, and he said "It's easier than talking about me."

I'm not too thrilled about seeing this doctor...she's the one who said, two years ago, "oh, you're under control, no need to go on any of the stronger medications..." (there's no such thing as being cured with this disease--it's either quiescent or in a flare-up)...and then I proceeded to get worse and worse, and lost 40 pounds and went through a year of pain before getting onto the Remicaid back in September. My guess is that she sees SUCH severe cases of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease that mine seemed minor in comparison. I think she kind of forgot the patient behind the disease. So now I get to go in, tell her I've been on Remicade, and ask her if I should be on it for a year, or for 2 years. We'll see what she says.

In other news, I had a salad Saturday, and for the first time in more than 2 years I didn't get hurt or the dreaded D word from it. Wooo! Though the drug has got the disease into remission in like, a month, my intestines still weren't healed and I couldn't immediately begin eating. I've gained back 15 of the 40 I lost, and I'm really not happy about that, but I expect that the weight gain will stop once we move and I have a larger space to deal with. I know the whole exercise machine thing tends to be a totally useless purchase for the most part, but it's tempting to get something like a stationary bike and put it in our studio.

On the house front, we meet with the contractor tomorrow to discuss the repairs we need to make before we can move in. The electrical is NOT safe, so that's my main concern, plus drywalling the garage and tenting the studio for termites. We were going to (okay, I was going to) renovate the kitchen, but upon the advice of my best friend, i am going to wait until after we've lived there a few months to really get a sense of what I want before changing what's there.

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