Sunday, March 16, 2008

We Walked Away.

Well, we decided that house needed more work than we were going to be able to afford, both timewise and moneywise, so we Walked Away. It actually felt really damn good to know we're strong enough to let go and be able to move on. 
So, we're in escrow on a different house. Heh.

The first of the inspections for THIS new house is tomorrow--the Well Inspection. It WILL go well.
This house is much nicer, but more expensive, and we're being much less over-the-top excited about being in escrow, now that we're all experienced n' shit. I've decided that buying a house is rather like getting pregnant, 50 years ago: you wait to tell everyone until you're sure you're not going to miscarry...

I am in the process of trying to get photos uploaded to my Kodak account, which is not public, so if you're interested in seeing them email me and I'll send you a link. WHEN I get the darn things up--I keep getting distracted and end up wandering all over the 'net doing research, reading blogs, and I get back on track and suddenly I am wandering through my computer files, looking at photos and oh, I need to do a little editing in Photoshop on this one, and I should upload it to my Flickr account, oh but I need to finish the crafty blog post I was making about this project, and oh oh oh oh
and suddenly instead of uploading photos, I am here writing in my blog about how I am NOT getting it done.
Ah, the joy of the easily distracted....

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