Monday, February 25, 2008


I CAN NOT WAIT until we have a HOUSE!!!!!
With the brutal (but not as torrential as the weather dudes predicted) rainpour this last week, I've been completely unable to do laundry.
Our laundry area is OUTSIDE.
Have I mentioned how much this sucks?

Through the back door, on the side of the house/porch, is a pair of doors that open onto a closet-like area that is just deep enough for our washer and dryer. Nothing else. 
Not even a basket of laundry can sit in front of the washer and still have the doors close, so we've added a bungee cord to the doors so they can be kept closed most of the way when I have laundry out there. There's only about 4 inches of roof overhand, so I can't do laundry if it's even drizzling, since everything (including me) will get wet.
It's really evil to get a whole bunch of laundry done, have it hanging on the door all fresh and clean, and FORGET to close up the laundry area and have it get rained on.

When we take possession (knock wood that all the inspection reports are positive) the first thing I am doing is buying a fab-ola washer and dryer (front loading!) and having it shipped, and installed. No more doing laundry in the rain and cold and having the summer sun bleach my clothes if I leave the doors open!
This HAS to happen.
Waiting is the hardest part.


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