Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update. Tme for An Update.

Okay, I've been remiss in posting...the main reason I keep this is so I can remember what happened a year ago in my life--my brain is that bad. So, every once in a while I have to do one of these "summary" posts...

•Health: I am now on oral steroids as of yesterday--My current condition is acute Ulcerative Colitis in my descending colon--8 inches. My doctor was hesitant since I have had a psychotic break from steroids in the past, but it's either steroids or Remicaide. I begged for steroids...first he would only give me the dreaded E-word type (with the non-oral method of entry...) but I've been on those for 4 weeks now with no improvement. In fact, i would say that the pain level has INCREASED.
So now, with the orals, we're watching my mental condition carefully so if I start into psychosis, we can taper me off and get me help. I've only had a few reactions to the e-steroids: inability to sleep and some tension. TTK is a little gunshy and is checking me constantly to see if I am going's a *bit* irritating, but nothing I can't handle.

I'm still pretty much housebound, as well--if I'm not on pain medication, I'm too incapacitated to drive, and if I am on pain medication, I'm too incapacitated to drive. Plus, the thought of dealing with public bathrooms while I'm in this condition TERRIFIES and HORRIFIES me.

•School: I've dropped all of my classes, for obvious reasons. I hope to pick back up next fall.

•Home: About 3 weeks ago, we met with a realtor. And a loan agent. We're hopeful, but until I can get out of the house reliably, we haven't looked at any houses. We're pretty hopeful we will find something we can afford. WHEN is the question, of course.

•Other; I'm sure there's other categories I should be updating on, but I figure I'll just amend this post when my brain kicks out another thought.

We were planning on coming down to SoCal for Anson's bday, but my system just isn't going to let me go anywhere yet.

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