Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Hate This.

Okay, I hate this.
Side effects? I don't know.
But, I'm dizzy. REALLY dizzy, and when I stand up or bend over I feel like I am going to pass out. This is not just today, either--it's happened several times in the past few weeks.
Another thing is my hands are shaking. You know when you've had so much caffeine that you can berely type?
THAT kind of hand shaking, although add a complete lack of hand strength in there as well.
I don't like this!
I keep hitting the F keys on the top of my keyboard by mistake, and Apple has them all mapped to some really weird behaviours, like all the windows retreat off the edges of the screen, including the active window, so all of a sudden you're staring at your desktop picture. Then I have to figure out which one I hit and hit it again, to revert.
Another side effect which is just *delightful* is I've been having night sweats. Serious, soaked to the skin wake up freezing night sweats. ICK!
I've also taken to sleeping on the couch because ttk's cat Needles, the old decrepit thing, has developed this new technique of cruising the bed, in order to avoid Fancy. (she's blind as a bat, and if she gets too close to Fancy Fancy will explode from under the covers in a loud high-pitched yapping lunge, to keep from getting stepped on.) So now Needles makes her way from the foot of the bed along the very edge, my edge, and then proceeds to walk across my face, throat, or forehead, to get to ttk. She then walks across HIS face to get to his chest. Mind you, she's doing this 4-5 times a night as she's gotten really restless in her ancientness. And every time she wakes me up, often when I've barely gotten to sleep (another side effect is I've been unable to sleep for more than 3 hours--I finally took a Klonopin last night and actually SLEPT for 9 hours!)

Other news: Fancy found a loose board on the back fence and was busily trying to pry it up so she could get into the neighbor's yard and die. Can you say "little brain?" When ttk got home yesterday evening, we walked the fence line and boarded up any holes or loose spots we could find.

We have a bunch of shares or MPWR stock, which we've been trying to get AWAY from Merrill Lynch and to our new brokerage (cf 2 posts ago) so we could sell finally made it over Monday, so we sold a huge chunk at $14 a share...then Tuesday it shot up to $18 a share. Of course!
No use counting chickens and all that, but I was still pretty irritated with our crappy timing. Since I'm pretty much irritated at everything right now, that's not saying much, but still it would have been nice to have that extra $4 a share...

More later--I seem to have gotten back into the desire to post...

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