Tuesday, June 27, 2006



That massive juggernaut called the IRS just swerved and missed us completely!
We're alive!

Our case agent called us mere seconds ago to tell us he reviewed our fax (all 74 pages of it!) and he is dismissing the case against us--and that he couldn't believe that we made it through 2003 on only 17 grand...


This only cost us about $100 in printing services, 50 or so hours of labor, and TEN months of stress, fear, and worry. FUD.

Now we have to pay the accountant, who knew the magic words to say during the phone call Thursday to the IRS...

Is it over? Really over? I can finally file away 2 years of tax paperwork?

...fingers are crossed until we get that determination letter (makes typing hard, but hey)...

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