Friday, June 30, 2006


Just some bits and pieces, no particular order:

-I've been enjoying the demented hummingbird battles over the feeder I put out a few days ago. A great hummingbird resource is't add color to your syrup, and don't do what I did--get the ratios mixed up! I put 4 cups of sugar in one cup of water, and basically made candy that crystallized in the feeder and greatly confused the little birds. And wasted a lot of sugar!

-I've gone out of the house alone one time in the past two weeks. My colitis is so bad that I CANNOT leave the house between the hours of noon and three...dunno why they all group together there--it probably has something to do with the timing of eating the night before...I tend not to eat during the day and just drink a lot of milk because, well, eating results in colitis and HURTS.
I have an appointment with a specialist in July.

-I've been making Fancy (the dog) little sweaters--I bought one of those Knifty Knitters (the round looms) and have been experimenting with different stitches and yarns. Note: don't buy it online, you'll pay too much. I got mine at Wal-Mart (as much as I hate the store)--the set of 4 looms and a hook for 12 bucks. Oh--and buy an extra hook! I've lost the damn thing so many times from setting it down to wrap the next row, then having to get up and do something.
The advantages over crochet are you don't have to count stitches, so you can zone out and do it while watching tv, and you can easily use the fancier yarns without having to guess or fight where to put the hook for the next row. The disadvantage is that I am way too used to crochet, and being able to back up when I made a mistake a few rows back--with this, you have to obsessively unloop all of your work, rather than just pull on the end and unravel.

It's fun to ad-lib, though--the learning curve is short and when you use the super fuzzy fancy yarns, the mistakes are very difficult to see. Heh.
The smallest ring fits over Fancy's head, so I can just stick it over her to see how far I still need to go. Poor dog. ;-)

*Note to self: change colors on blog to be more readable. Also remember to SPELL-CHECK!

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