Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And the Ark Grows...

I hate having to do these update entries, but when you don't log on for weeks, all sorts of stuff has happened "in the background."
We have a dog.
I should say, we bought a dog.

She's a chinese crested.
A hairless crested.

Will wonders never cease?

Me, not only getting a dog, but a crested, and a hairless one--and paying money for it, too!

Lots of money.

She's small for a crested, but much larger than Willow or Fancy.

She came with the name Kara, but we've named her Pocky...
she's kinda vacuous, and happy and excited about everything.


She could be a sweet dog, with work. She's completely non-housebroken.
Just really has no concept of Potty is Outside...

I'm getting really tired of cleaning up dog poop, and we've only had her for 5 days...

After we (I) bought her, I had serious Buyer's Remorse: I called my mom up, all subdued, and talked to her...I called her when I saw the ad in the first place, so she knew we were considering it.

She "talked me down," so to speak, and said that if we decided that we just really don't like Miss Thing we could bring her down there and she would take her. And buy me the camera I was going to get with the money.
SUCH a relief to not be worrying about the $$!
Miss Thing is very girly, which I am not used to, and she's pushy.
She wants to be Alpha.
WILLOW is Alpha.
We'll see how this works, and if Willow can deal with the competition.

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