Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sleep at Last!

We bought a be-ed, we bought a be-ed!

Okay, we bought a mattress-and-founda-ation, a mattress-and-founda-ation!

(doesn't scan quite as well, does it?)

I slept for the first time without pain last night!

For the detail-obsessed, it's a Simmon's Beautyrest Cunningham Plush Pillowtop.

When you go buy a bed, there's a few things to remember:

-lay on the mattress in question for at least 5 minutes, better is 15, to see if you like it (they expect this!)

-be aware bed salesman are like car salesman, and prepare accordingly. (if that's even possible)

-ask for a discount...we made noises about going elsewhere, I said I was tired and just wanted to buy now, and TTK said we should check for a deal elsewhere, then asked me if I could deal with spending more by just buying now...I turned to the salesguy and said, "Can you do better on the price?" (or some such thing)...he said "Yeah, lemme see what I can work out for you..." a bit of typing on the computer, and he offered us a 400 dollar discount.
So, with a $1500 price tag, and a $100 mattress protector, the total came to $1230.
And that was with delivery AND removal of 2 boxsprings and our mattress...

Still, that's the most money we've ever paid for a bed--but we budgeted it so I'm not all worried or in debt or anything.

Consumer Reports recommends that you shop around for deals because the discounts are "steep" but we just don't have a lot of good days for shopping around where we're both functioning and able to deal with salesmen, so we just bought on the spot.

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