Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Ciar Finishing School

We have a visitor for the summer.
She's tiny, and cute, and has a fuzzy black butt.

Her name is Fancy, and she's Willow's cousin...
she's here for some self-esteem and confidence lessons,
as well as leash/recall/command training.
Oh, and some exercise/fun for Willow, who has gotten lazy
in her old (4 years) age.

So far she has learned "Fancy, COME" and a variation
of "Leave it!" which is a kind of a sharp scolding noise
(she's a chicken chaser, and our sedate roosters aren't
stopping it at all!).

She'll be walking on a leash soon, I think.

Willow is having a few jealousy issues, but mostly
she's happy to have someone to chew on and romp
in the grass with.

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