Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, last Friday at the herp meeting in Palo Alto, I fell on my ass.

Foot went right out from under me, and splat! I went.
We were all so startled that I fell--both my friends who I
was talking with froze and stared at me, speechless.
I was stunned for a second, then started cracking up
as they both asked me "are you all right?"

For some reason, since the brain surgery, when I fall or lose
my balance badly, it makes me giddy and I start laughing.
It's kind of like I get dizzy from the fall--I am my own
amusement park ride.

I haven't fallen in years, though, and no one expects it nowadays--
least of all, me.

Of course, I migrained the next day, which usually happens when
I jar my skull.

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