Thursday, June 8, 2006



I am never going to take a bath in this house again.

At least, not without bleaching the entire tub and shower and shower curtain, that is...

Carnivore shit is pretty nasty.
Carnivore shit from a carnivore that ate chicken is EVIL.

I discovered a new treat for the tegu a few days ago--chicken wings.
On sale at Safeway, they were in a "value pack" with the whole wing--tips, "drummettes," and, well, forearms (what they called in food parlance, I don't know).

So I hacked ten pounds of wings apart, vacuum sealing up the drummettes for the humans (appropriately marked "human food" in the freezer) and the rest for the Tegu, aptly named Goose.

He ate 8 pieces of chicken Tuesday, and was scratching at the glass today for more.

Into the tub he went: this is not a smart tegu--if there is anything else under his food (carpet, cage bedding, toes, his drinking bowl, etc,) he will try to eat it, so the tub provides a nice flat surface, and he doesn't end up trying to eat the wallpaper. (Natural selection would have eliminated this guy years ago!)

He ate 4 more chicken wing parts, so I left him in the tub while I defrosted more for him.

Suddenly the house filled up with this TOXIC odor. I figured Nefertiti or one of the other big snakes had pooped, since they are the only ones in the front room. The odor usually dissipates, but this time it wasn't.
Ten or so minutes went by, and it was getting stronger, not weaker.

By this time the chicken had thawed, so I took 2 more pieces in to the tegu.
Opening the bathroom door just about sent me into a coma from the odor wave.

Goose had not only shit in the tub, he had spent the last 15 minutes or so busily scraping this "lovely" grey-brown effluent it ALL OVER the ENTIRE tub.
That includes the sides, as far up as he could reach, which is not quite over the edge far enough to climb out (thank god!).

I promptly hosed down Goose (all sorts of goose/shit/slick jokes are coming to mind), and as much of the bottom as I could get, carried the tegu out to his sun cage (where he got his chicken), and sprayed the entire surface down with scrubbing bubbles.

Next I get to get on my hands and knees and scrub, since those bubbles don't really do the work promised in the commercials...

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