Tuesday, May 2, 2006


The dog just jumped up next to me, all cute and snuggly...then proceeded to puke.


And I'm in the midst of doing bills and business paperwork, so it's not like I can leap up and get away, plus even if I could I would still have to return eventually. Those of you who know me know how -sensitive- I am to puke: it makes ME puke.

TTK is Puke Patrol.

If I were PP, I'd be cleaning up my own puke alongside the cat's, every time.

Now, I've had the stomach flu for about a week now...

I think my body is just done throwing up, though--I did quite well with the dog chunks just now. I simply got up, picked up the papers she conveniently puked on, carried them into the bathroom without looking down, and dumped it into the toilet. No, not papers and all--these were important Merrill Lynch papers, so I couldn't, as much as I wanted to (I DID run them under the faucet to get the last little bits off, though).

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