Sunday, August 31, 2008

That American of Games...


Basically, the month of August...

week one my dad went into the hospital and I flew down to L.A. to see him...
week two, three and four were house house house.

There was more, really, but for the most part all was drowned out by migraines and stress.

So, August was a month of family and property, health and pain. Whee.

On the family side: My sister is getting married, yay!!!! It's coming up in October, and I'm doing a bunch of crocheted items for it...
My dad has some serious problems...30% liver function, ascites, emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver, partial thrombosis of the portal vein, splenomegaly, and a partridge in a pear tree...

Nana Roo is coming down to L.A. for a visit, from Australia...

On the house side:

My reptile room is done--we had to move critters out over here so we could clean and have an informal walk-through (we got an extension on our rental for another month), so their cages are all set up and it looks great! ...except for the floor, which I forgot to have our contractor, Al, paint before I moved everything in. I'm not ABOUT to have him move everything out, though, so funky concrete is how it's gonna stay.

We got our couches delivered on the 23rd--they're gorgeous! Black leather yumminess!
The main rooms are almost all painted...TTK said he'd "get out of the way of the cobalt juggernaut" so I've been making 90% of the decisions on the house...which means the colors are DARK and INTENSE.
The main room is grey, with dark green trim, and one wall is a Merlot/Aged wine color...the opposite wall is a deep blue-black, and the kitchen is light and medium green. It all actually looks really good, although my description isn't doing it justice.
It's all very dark, though, but he room is huge and there's plenty of light to offset the dark.
The hallways are painted "french clay" and if it's too dark, I plan to do a Venetian/Tuscan plaster technique with a lighter golden-ish glaze...
By Monday the main rooms will be ready for us to move in--which means we will get to put together our dining room table and chairs, and arrange our couches, and BUY ME A DESK! We're getting closer and closer to getting to move in!

TTK's mom came up on Wednesday and brought me a BEAUTIFUL antique curio cabinet for my guest room. It's perfect! I found it on Craigslist, and sent her the info, and she went to Santa Cruz, bargained it down, bought it and brought it up. The woman is a DYNAMO. She wouldn't tell me how much the cabinet was, saying I "deserve a nice mother-in-law!"
I gave her the tour, and we had a good time--and I went to bed at 9:30 that night, EXHAUSTED.

I need to take pictures...oh...last week when I went over to the house, I spotted TERMITES. Yes, termites. In the studio that we had tented, less than 2 months ago. GRRRR.

This week coming up is going to be HELLISH...Tuesday is my infusion, Wednesday is "prep day" and Thursday is Colonoscopy. Wheeeeeee.
Wednesday is the worst of the 3 days--the colonoscopy itself I am sedated, and Tuesday I just sit there with a needle in my arm...but the prep is a whole day of phospo-soda, shitting, and clear liquids. And shitting. NOT fun.

So that's it for now...

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