Monday, March 24, 2008

He's cooler than I am...

So TTK got his pictures up online into his own webpage, all laid out and annotated, so I'm just going to send y'all there rather than try to get mine together. For now, anyway--I have a whole lot more pictures, but his commentary is more entertaining than I feel like writing right now, so here's where to go:

Oh--this is all about the house for which we're in escrow, in case you were wondering.
We went in today and removed our final Buyer's contingencies--now we just have to wait until Friday, for the Sellers to remove their contingencies, and we'll move into closing escrow. !!!!!!

I keep alternating between being overjoyed at the yummy house and property, and being all sick inside worrying about how busy the street is. It's not the quiet country road property we wanted, although it is on a country road, rural rather than residential. Problem is, it's a road that is straight, and connects two sections of the countryside, and people use it quite a lot. The speed limit is 45 MPH on this road--I don't know how, but somehow we compromised on one of the crucial issues we both said would be a deal-killer for us.
I'm worried the traffic's going to get worse, but my primary fear is that Sam or one of our other cats are going to end up splattered on that @%&@$!! road...
and yet here we are in escrow.
I don't know if these are normal buyer's regret quavers, or if we're doing the wrong thing, or what. I do know that we both have hit the point that if we do not get out of this cramped little rental, soon, we will either kill each other or ourselves, so we're doing this, even if we decide to move in 5 years.

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