Monday, March 24, 2008


Sorry, I just realized that I missed mentioning a few things in the last few posts--we went into escrow on a house east of Sebastopol, on a gorgeous piece of property out on a winding country road, but the house inspection showed the house itself to be a mess, so we used our buyer contingency of inspections failing to live up to our standards, and left escrow. Two days later we went into escrow on a house that is the polar opposite of the first house--great house, incredibly built, well-laid out property, but smack up against a busy road.

Now we've released our contingencies, and the seller has 4 days to release their contingency (of finding a property) so we'll know by Friday if they wish to renegotiate, or just cancel. If all goes well, we should be closing escrow by mid-April, and starting our moving process by the end of April.

I'm alternating between hoping they'll cancel, and absolutely and totally wanting them not to cancel...this is all such an emotional, stressful process, that if this deal falls through I don't know if I can do this again. Of course, we would start all over and do this again (because the alternative would be staying here for longer), but I might lose some serious sanity points in the process.
My internal gyroscope has hit this place of almost calm--a wait and see kind of feeling.
There's a whole bunch of job stuff going on for my sweetie as well, so he's a mess about that AND whether we get the house...

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