Friday, November 9, 2007

Okay, THAT was Funny...

Y'all know how I hate the phone, yes?
Well, I finally got up the gumption to face the first of a hlaf-dozen calls I need to make...
I decided to call my friend Al first, since I really need to get the whole pet-sitter thing figured out before TTK and I go off to L.A. ...
Al is quite a joker, and likes to mess around with people's minds by making dirty jokes, so when I called him, and he answered, I said "Hi! You got a minute?"
When he replied, "Who is this?"
I said, "it's me, H----."
So of course, my instant reaction was to say "You've forgotten me already? But it was just last night!"

There was this dead pause, for about three heartbeats..
then, "Who are you trying to call?"
"Uhhhh, Al?"
Another pause. "No, you've got the wrong number. But we can still get together if you want to!"
Mad guffawing from both sides of this conversation ensued, and I could even hear someone else in the background cracking up...

I answered, after I got my breath back, "Uh, NO. I think I'll try dialing the RIGHT number this time."
Still chuckling, he said "I'd remember you if it was just last night..."


So much for getting up the nerve to use the telephone... I'm still grinning about this, as I type.

I think I will check his number and REMOVE the one that's written on the side of my monitor...

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