Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay, I was trying to keep a separate blog for my craft stuff/creative side, but I've decided to just merge them. It's easier than trying to update/keep nice looking two different blogs at the same time. I tend to tinker with the template code, and if I figure out a new function, it's a pain to add to both templates.
On another note, I just got my invitation to, as a Beta it got me up off of my butt and got me to take some pics of my projects (well, some of them, anyway), get the pics converted to smaller more manageable images, and open a Flickr account to upload them, and actually upload them! Go here to see what measly bit I've done so far. Heh.

All this stash organizing and book-listing, project exploring, and reading has me wanting to start MORE projects!
Woo! Off to amigurumi!

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