Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'd like to buy a vowel...

or actually, a new spine. This one is giving me no end of trouble.
It used to be that my hip only hurt at the end of the day, and only if I had been sitting too long.
Now, it hurts all night and is already aching in the morning. By afternoon it feels like a hot, tight, band of pain across my lower back, and just continues getting worse.
And on top of that I am going to be spending a lot of time sitting--final projects are due next week and so I need to put a LOT of hours in behind the computer. My desk situation at home is so icky and painful that I spend all of my time at school in the computer lab--the lab assistants all know me, and call me one of their "frequent fliers" heh.
Pain medication is what will get me through this week, I'm afraid.
Note to self: refill purse, car, and schoolbag stashes when you get home.

Ginsu-Roomba is going in to the vet tomorrow to get seems she is going to live after all, and a cat in heat is a miserable creature (as is everyone within earshot), so snippage time.

She's a great fluffy awkward ball of love--just pure love. Her main senses that are still operable are smell and touch...unbroken cats enjoy being touched, so imagine how much she loves it. She runs into things a lot, poor spinny thing, but I can't find a little football helmet her size. Heh.

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