Monday, December 11, 2006

'Graine Ate my Brain

Friday was evil.

I worked on my webpage final project for about 5 hours, which hasn't given me problems before, but every time I've pulled a marathon stint this semester it's been at school, in their proper chairs and desks, not here at home with my crappy "printer table as desk with couch as chair" setup. About 9 pm I started really hurting...I took a flex and a blue, but my head kept getting worse--by about 10, I was at the "I'm going to puke my guts out and I HATE puking" stage--about an 8 on the Migraine Richtor Scale. The agony was such that laying down hurt because then all I could do was focus on the pain, and walking hurt, and sitting hurt, and OW OW OW OW...
TTK turned out every light in the house, then put tape over the microwave's glowing readout, to give me relief from the pain of light in my eyes.

It was definitely not a good time.
Saturday I was so wiped that though we ran errands, the whole day was quite distant and everything was distant, like I was watching it. Around 6 I was so tired I went to bed...

So my project has not gotten done, and it's due tomorrow.

The teacher reviews the sites in class.

Ah, public humiliation, here I come!

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