Saturday, August 26, 2006

Interlude #3 of a Series

Me: Do you have someplace else you could use that new 250 Gig?

Him: What 250 Gig?

Me: The one you just bought!

Him: It's a 300 Gig. They're advertised as 320, but when you convert them into 1024 byte blocks, they're 300.

Me: Okay, can you use that new _300_ Gig in a different computer?

Him: Well, I could put it in the server. The server is using a Maxtor 200 Gig, that is old and has been cooked and I don't know how long it's going to last. Maxtors are--

Me (interrupting): So you could put the new drive in there and buy the 750 Gig for home.

Him: I'd rather spend the money on memory for my computer.

Me: Didn't you JUST BUY memory?

Him: Yes, that was for my OTHER computer.

Me: The server?

Him: No. (pause)

Me: Typhon?

Him: No.

Me (exasperated): Then WHAT other computer?

Him: The one I haven't set up yet.

Me: aaaAAAAaaaaa!

Him: You look like you are trying to study a new bacteria that keeps scuttling off the slide.

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