Sunday, August 31, 2008

And a cast of thousands...

I don't like using my real name online. I've used an alias since my first online account, back before the internet--I was lilith on a local bbs in Chicago...then I was inanna on a bbs in Santa Cruz, and finally cobalt as my first "internet" name.
I also do not like using other people's real-life names online--I try to show the same respect that I would like.

So, I need to come up with aliases for the major players in my life. (heh!)

My sister will be...Sis
Her girlie will be...Mah
My nephew will be...Kiddo
My niece will be...Cutie

TTK will be...TTK
My mom will be...momma
My MIL will be...F
My SIL will be...C
My two best friends will be...K and A

Now I just have to remember all of this. Heh.

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