Thursday, June 5, 2008

Touchdown, we have touchdown...


As of June 2, 2008 we are now landowners. Houseowners.
Slaves, as one of my friends said. Slaves to a house, yes, but no longer slaves to a land lord.

The sellers are still living there, though--in the contract they asked for a rentback until June 15th.

So, we're not fully in possession, yet.

And when they move out, we can't just move in...there's a lot of work to be done before we can...

We need to tent the studio for termites, replace its roof, tear out the carpeting, and paint the outside and a few other things. I dunno how long I can wait, though--some of the work (like renovating the kitchen) may just have to wait until AFTER we've moved in: I want OUT of this house so bad, I just can't stand it.
I cannot wait 2 more months or really even a month--I want to move NOW. I want to move YESTERDAY. I want a garden. I want a nice chicken coop for my chickens. I want to get my snakes out of their slum lord housing and into nice cages and setups. I want a desk that is not stuck on the end of the couch. I want a real couch, not an ancient futon on a cheap wooden frame.
I want I want I want I want.

With ttk's new job I get to see him for about an hour a night during the week--I don't know how I am going to do this alone. that's what it feels like--that he is so exhausted from work that I am going to be the one organizing our move, getting a contractor, getting a housecleaner for both places, getting stuff packed, purged, prepped, moved, organized, sorted, settled. Getting the house painted and floors installed. I don't know if I can do this.
Well, do it I must, but I just had to vent...I'm a little scared. No buyer's remorse, though--we've had too much time in escrow for that.
We're not giving notice for a few months so we can get all the work done, and have time to move calmly, although we seem to get more done under pressure. I won't say "work well" because we barely hold it together, and make stupid mistakes, but we seem to waste a lot of time before we knuckle down and get to it. With extra time, that's just extra worry time and lazing time.

We shall see, right?

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