Monday, August 20, 2007

This just appeals to me...

Apparently this was a Christmas song parody written up in Mad Magazine ages ago...I haven't been able to verify the truth of this, so take it with the grain of salt you would for most things you read on the internet.

It's sung to the tune of "It came Upon a Midnight Clear"

"It hangs down from our chandelier;
We have no idea what it does.
Its shape is weird and
It drips with goo,
And lets off a high-sounding buzz.

It grows a couple of feet each day,
And wiggles with kind of a twitch.
We keep it 'cause it's a present from
A visiting uncle who's rich!"


We've been tapering me off of the steroids, and there's definitely a tradeoff: as I decrease the steroids, the blood has come back and the pain has increased, but damn I feel so much more functional and sane.

I cleaned the rodents, I did 3 loads of laundry, i learned a new crochet stitch, and I'm actually posting in my blog.

Did I mention that I am down to 150 pounds? Not a diet I recommend to anyone, but it feels good to be lighter...

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