Friday, November 17, 2006

I Love that Man...

...but he's insane. I just got a call from him:

Him: "This is kind of embarrasing. I let myself run out of gas...I'm somewhere near Ignacio...but everything's all right, I'm just calling you while I catch my breath to walk back."
Me: "Honey, WHY didn't you call Triple A?"

Him: "Because I only have like one call left this year!"

Me:"HON, there's ONE more month left of the year! You don't need to save it!"

Him: "Oh. Now I feel stupid."

Me: "How come you don't call me BEFORE hiking to a gas station? I could have told you about the full gas can in the trunk!" <--I'm evil.

Him: "You're kidding!"

Me: "Yes, I am. But, you wouldn't have known either way until now...did you buy a can at the station?"

Him: "No, I just filled an empty water bottle."

Me: "That's what, less than a quart? So you'll pour it in your tank, and drive a quarter of a mile before running out again and having to walk back."


So now, he's walking down the highway at night carrying a plastic Arrowhead bottle filled with gasoline. Let's hope he doesn't forget and try to take a swig, like he did with the lamp oil.
(We now have a bottle in the kitchen, wrapped in duct tape with the words "FUCKING LAMP OIL!!!" on it.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great. Now I need to put signs on things, like, "Not Lamp Oil!!!" on my water bottle, casually refill it downstairs in view of the TTK...


-- chris