Thursday, August 31, 2006

Okay, that was NOT Fun.

I ended up getting really sick while at school today...I made it to the pool, but then while in the water, still migraining, I had a panic attack. I just stood there in my swimlane and cried...I couldn't hear anything the echos are so bad there, I couldn't see anything because my glasses were at the opposite end of the pool, and my head was hurting so much I was dizzy and wanted to puke...It all came to the overload point.
Only one person noticed I was losing my shit, and she isn't one of the 80 instructors--she is a fellow Broken.
After class was over, I went to the computer lab and basically just sat there in the air conditioning, hidden in the Mac section, for about an hour. No, wait--they have a login/logout program, so I sat there for 82 minutes, exactly.

I still feel like shit--my neck is so tight you could use the tendons as violin strings...

On the bright side, the dogs were happy to see me.

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