Thursday, August 3, 2006

Give Me Your Answer True...

Daisy survived the night.
She's very weak, so even though she's still having seizures, they are really small--dunno though if it's from the weakness or that the surgery reduced the cause but didn't stop them completely.

I was hoping that this was "just" insulinoma...the vet did find a tumor on her pancreas, which he excised, but the seizures are still happening.
One thing (well, two) that he found: a full, whole and discrete second spleen.
Both were misshapen and tumorous, so he removed them both. (We can live without a spleen..but she had a spare?!)

I'm feeding her very diluted chicken gravy, about 2 ccs every hour or so...she is actually licking the end of the syringe now, whereas earlier I was having to squirt it in the side of her mouth.
My vet also suggested Carnivore care, so I bought a packet, but for now I'm just using the chicken gravy.

When she seizes I hold her head and her front paws gently until it's over...she's deaf, so I don't verbally comfort her, but I know my presence and smell comforts her.

Atlantis and Daisy are the last of my geriatric crew. Azrael, Fizzbinn, Fatboy, Miranda, and Oliver all came to me as rescues, and this was their forever home until they left me this last year.

Daisy crashing took me completely by surprise: Atlantis was who I feared would be next, since he was bonded with Fizz for 7 years...I helped Fizz on his way less than a month ago, and Atlantis has been like a limp sock without him.

I'm hoping, and I won't stop hoping, but I know chances are pretty good that I lose both of them before the year is out.

Daisy just dragged herself out of the little round dog bed full of blankies I have her in, next to me...she dragged herself across the floor until she felt she was far enough, and peed.
(you never thought I would be excited about an animal peeing on the floor, did you)

First action she's done on her own, and first fluid she's passed today (so I'm hopefully getting enough fluids into her.)

The vet has prescribed Phenobarbital for the I just have to get myself OUT OF THE HOUSE.
Yesterday to pick her up was the 4th time I've left the house on my own in something like 3 months...I don't know if it's because of the UC, or something seriously mental, but I just can't go out alone.

I almost hope it is medical and not mental, because I am getting tired with and frustrated at myself. It's like there's this big invisible block that I can't get past.

And I have TTK's car today, too--he borrowed my truck so he could pick up some big awkward piece of computer equipment and store it in the shed for months until we move--so "no air conditioning" is not an excuse I get to use.

He asked if I minded him dragging home a server rack...hell, half the shed is filled with big ole awkward SNAKE TANKS, mine, so how could I complain?
We're both such enablers.

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