Thursday, July 20, 2006

Of Tea and Men

I found a really neat website, TeaChef, that encourages people to create recipes using tea and submit them...there are some really damn good cooks there too--some of the recipes are incredibly creative and fun.

I signed up for them, and the first sample I was sent was...
TTK is allergic to Chamomile.

I'm not going to cook anything he can't eat--he's my biggest fan! So, of course, I didn't make anything or submit any recipes, and didn't get sent the current month's sample, which is Pi Lo Chun, which sounds delicious. Sigh.
Maybe I'll get next month's, which is Assam Melody...which of course I don't like. But then again, I've never tried their version of it, which they describe here as being "a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste." So who knows? I'll brew a cup of it, then decide what it would be good in.

Most of the recipes I've seen there involve brewing a strong cup of it, then mixing the elixir into the recipe...there have been a few chefs who have actually mixed the leaves directly into the recipe, but not many.
The first time I cooked with tea it never occurred to me to just use the elixir...I used Gunpowder green tea leaves in the water I boiled pasta in though, so I kind of used the liquid. They are little balls that unfurl into whole leaves, and though I strained the pasta I didn't rinse it, so there were a lot of the leaves left on the pasta that then ended up in the sauce.
Was tasty.
I'm waiting for a good one to use as a rub, though.

Um, I guess I forgot the "Men" part of this here goes: of the mammals in the house, just a mere 35.7% are male.

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