Friday, June 9, 2006


So I had a very surreal chicken moment this evening, about a half hour before dusk. I was cleaning off the back porch, and this little red rooster comes sauntering across the yard, heading for the chicken run.
I recognised this rooster.
I KNEW this rooster.

I had taken him and his two brothers to the feed store about 2 months ago.

And yet, here he is, all confident and assured, acting like he never left.
His wings were clipped, even.

I opened the run gate, and in he strutted...and promptly got into a rooster head bobbing match with his brother, the frizzle.
I ran and got my camera, because they were posturing and dancing as if they were big roosters, not little nerf footballs.

By the time I got back, they had gone from posturing to actual fighting, so instead of taking pictures I grabbed a rooster--the Prodigal Son...

He was bleeding from his comb, but was totally calm and let me pick him up...I set him on the outside of the chicken yard, and he stayed all the way until dark, pacing back and forth, waiting to be let in.

TTK said we could make lots of money--sell him, and when he comes back, sell him again, and so on.,,,but this is a ROOSTER.
No one pays money for a rooster.

If he's still here in the morning, I think I'll take him to a DIFFERENT feed store--one further away.

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